WOW! - Make YouTube Videos by Yourself Using Both Hands!
Use Your Cell Phone Video Camera Like Never Before
Available Now for iPhone, Galaxy, LG, Droid, etc. - Order Below
Make "Hands Free" Videos With Your Cell Phone

HatBrac™ is a Brand New Product Designed & Made
in the USA by Unique Dynamics, Inc.

Anyone can easily use the
**** HatBrac ****

  • Set your phone to video mode
  • Slide the 2 brackets on your phone
  • Adjust the arms to the desired angle
  • Slide the "claws" onto the brim of a hat
HatBrac being used to make hands free video using cell phone

The phone, hat, & girl not included

You position the phone, so you can see your hands below the phone

You glance up to see that both hands & objects are centered in the video.

HatBrac being used to make hands free video using Samsung S3 cell phone
Available now for Samsung, LG, iPhone, - Others Coming...
HatBrac pair of brackets to attach a smart phone camera to a hat brim
iPhone 5S, 6, 6 plus, Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, Note 4, LG-G3, and Droid are some phones we make the HatBrac™ for. When you order a HatBrac™ you will get a pair of brackets as shown above made specifically to fit your phone type. The HatBrac™ was designed with a honeycomb inside to be strong and light and also to clear the camera lens and push buttons.
See Our Instructional Video on YouTube - click here

We use various color plastics to identify parts for specific phones. Therefore, you will receive the color we happen to have in stock when we ship.

We offer a 90 day replacement warranty at our option for defects in materials and workmanship. Unique Dynamics, Inc. offers no other warranty except the implied warranty that the HatBrac™ will attach your cell phone to a typical hat brim. If your hat brim is too thick, get a different hat. Do not force the HatBrac™ onto any other phone besides the phone it was designed for. The buyer alone is responsible for the safety of his/her cell phone. Use common sense. A strong wind could blow the hat off your head and damage your phone. You agree by purchasing that Unique Dynamics, Inc. will not be responsible for damage to your cell phone under any circumstances, so use the HatBrac™ only as intended as shown in our video.

HatBrac pair of brackets on a Galaxy S3 cell phone
Phone not included
HatBrac with hat and Samsung galaxy S3 phone
Have the freedom to use both hands when making videos
Point the phone camera by moving your head

Zoom in by moving the object closer to the phone
How To Order the HatBrac™
Order the HatBrac™ Now - $19.95 and shipping is included free!

We ship USPS First Class Mail to USA addresses only.

Send us an email with your phone model and we'll let you know if we have a HatBrac to fit your phone to:

Included Free - $5.95 value - For a Limited Time -

Our HatBrac™ Tripod Bracket enables you to attach your cell phone to a standard Tripod

We will include it FREE with your order - available for a limited time!

tripod bracket for HatBrac

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